Order soon as tungsten raw material price increasing!


Tungsten powder price increasing!

Tungsten powder ( Medium grain size ) price raised again and the latest ( dated May 20th ) is 30.1 USD / KG according to the posted price in http://www.hardalloy.com.cn/baojia.asp


We all know China is one of the largest country of world reserves of tungsten. However, tungsten is non-renewable resources, and is being sold with cheap price, lead to irrational exploitation. Data shows that wages in the mining industry growth negatively for the first time in 2015. Additionally, the domestic industrial market is in extended downturn, therefore, the domestic sales of tungsten raw material is still tight, and prices continued to rise.


Strict management of mining tungsten lead to tungsten shortage of raw materials and there for, the tungsten raw material price increased in a upsurge.


In summary, Expert estimated it would rise at least 20% in tungsten ( carbide ) raw material. UKO carbide suggest customers who import tungsten carbide products in China would better order asap!