Roller Holder

roller holder for tungsten carbide cold rolled assembling in rolling cassette.                                                                 

Compatible with Eurolls, GSG and Atomat, almost any brand Roll Cassettes

Merits of UKO carbide roller holder:

1. Most parts of holder processed with Japanese steel by precision CNC machine.
2. CONDAT lubrication extending 3 times lifespan.
3. Detachable and reusable housing and parts. Holder housing heat treated.
4. Replaceable SKF bearing, just replace the bearing if worn.
5. Accurate design ensuring steady installation of tungsten carbide roller. Smoothly running lessening wear of tungsten carbide roller.
6. High productivity. rolling 3, 000 tons reinforcing steel wire with 125x 82x 15 PR 6 tungsten carbide roller.
7. Compatible with Eurolls, GSG and Atomat, almost any brand wire rolling Cassettes
8. The roller holder performed quite satisfactory and which can be mentioned together with EUROLLS holder as to customers‘ feedback.

 Roller Holder
Size ØC B ØE E
82x15/25 82 15 25 65
82x15/26 82 15 26 65
82x20/25 82 20 25 65
82x20/26 82 20 26 65
82x20/30 82 20 30 65
90x15/30 90 15 30 65
90x20/30 90 20 30 65

 Application: TC rolls Ø125xØ82x15/20   

                    TC rolls Ø150xØ90x15/20                      


 Bearing Code: SKF 32009 X/Q    

Cooling Pin for Ø125xØ82x15/20                                                                        

Pin Shaft Ø 25mm/ 26mm                                        

Dimension: OD42 x T141mm

Cooling Pin for Ø150xØ90x15/20                                                                        

Pin Shaft Ø 30mm                                          

Dimension: OD42 x T141mm

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