Carbide Nail Tools

General introduction of wire nail tools


UKO has been developing and accumulating knowledge of brand machine type and carbide grade since 2009 to manufacturing tools for making various brand nails including WAFIOS, KOVOPO and other brand precisely produced as to drawing data and customers’ requirement.


Tools for nail making machine are:

gripper dies, cutter dies, puncher, round gripper, feeder, cube, carbide tips & inserts, thread rolling dies in round and flat.


Nail type can be: roofing nails, collated nails, fluted nails, panel pins, oval nails, ring shank nails, semi clout nails, round wire nails, serrated galvanized clout nails, spiral nails, serrated nails, heavy tile nails in steel, stainless steel or other material.

Carbide Nail Tools

Carbide Nail Tools Drawing

UKO carbide nail tools drawing

grade properties

Density Hardness T.R.S Performance & Application
g/cm³ HAR n/mm²
YG20 13.5~13.8 85.5 2400~2800
Used for stamping dies and moulds
YG20C 13.5~13.8 83.5 2350~2850
used for making bearings, tools and cold heading molds.
YG22C 13.3~13.8 83 2400~2900
Suitable for making nut and bolt forming dies
YG25C 13.1~13.5 82.5 2400~2950
Used for punching dies

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