tungsten carbide heading dies

General introduction of tungsten carbide heading dies


Zhuzhou UKO is a professional supplier of tungsten carbide cold heading dies, punching dies and stamping dies used in fastener industry for producing screws, nuts, bolts, rivets and hard metal tools etc


Special features of tungsten carbide heading dies


1. Virgin raw material with very excellent performance.

2. HIP sintered with very good compactness

3.Precise surface polishing, very good match with the machine when working.

4.Very low Wear and Tear

5.Customized design

6.Complete or Semi finished as required by customers

7.Grade dependent Dies

tungsten carbide heading dies

grade properties of tungsten carbide heading dies

Density Hardness T.R.S Performance & Application
g/cm³ HAR n/mm²
YG20 13.5~13.8 85.5 2400~2800
Used for stamping dies and moulds
YG20C 13.5~13.8 83.5 2350~2850
used for making bearings, tools and cold heading molds.
YG22C 13.3~13.8 83 2400~2900
Suitable for making nut and bolt forming dies
YG25C 13.1~13.5 82.5 2400~2950
Used for punching dies

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