tungsten carbide spary nozzle

General introduction of tungsten carbide nozzle


Tungsten carbide nozzles due to having good wear and thermal shock and corrosion-resistant overall performance, have high ratio in practical applications. With tungsten carbide spray nozzles, it make good to improve the bottom hole flow field, improve

the ability of rock breaking, increase drill footage, and reducing drilling costs.


Tungsten carbide spray nozzle is mainly used for surface treatment, sand blasting, powder process,rust moving for chemical,

food, mechanical, metallurgical and building industry.


Application of tungsten carbide nozzle


Tungsten carbide spray nozzle has been widely used in sandblasting and shot preening equipment. It also often be used in agricultural irrigation and urban greening. Used in geological prospecting, machinery or tool manufacturing and serves as drill

bit in wind drill and electric drills for coal digging. Fit for precision lathe are used in nonstop cutting of die-cast iron.

tungsten carbide spary nozzle

carbide properties of carbide nozzle

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