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PCD Wire Drawing Dies

PCD Wire Drawing Dies

The PCD dies for traditional galvanized iron wire produced by our company could change the polishing technology according to different drawing machine.
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PCD dies for high speed drawing
As the rapid development of modern science and technology, the requirement for drawing efficiency is constantly improving. In order toimprove production efficiency, high-speed drawing machines are widely used in the world. 
With the cooperation with advanced high-speed wire drawing machine manufacturers and large cold wire drawing manufacturers, we designed a new PCD dies in exactly calculate the line diameter compression ratio and the working area length, so that the resistance produced by the die during the high-speed drawing process is small and the friction between the die and wire is reduced. The friction greatly saves the power loss(8%-17), prolongs the service life of the mold, reduces the production cost and improves the production efficiency.
PCD dies for traditional galvanized iron wire
The PCD dies for traditional galvanized iron wire produced by our company could change the polishing technology according to different drawing machine( such as: straight wire drawing machine, pulley wire drawing machine, union water box wire drawing machine and traditional water box wire drawing machine), such change could make the drawing dies more suitable on different wire drawing machines, and the use span life is longer and save the cost of production, improve the production efficiency.
PCD dies for high carbon spring steel wire
According to the requirements of environmental protective of our government, because of the spring steel wire with characters of high strength and hardness, the traditional tungsten carbide drawing die could not satisfied the requirements of drawing high carbon spring steel wire with iron scale and no pickling.
With many years’ experience of drawing die production, we had designed a new dies which in steel case of outside diameter in 80mm, in H13 tool steel material, produced by 500 tons pressure machine, such dies had solved the problem of nib burst when drawing the high carbon spring steel wire, and the dies is more stable when drawing.
Compound PCD dies for cold drawing nail making steel wires
In the process of cold drawing nail making steel wire, because of the PCD nibs is too small, the working surface of the inner hole is too small, inlet area is easy to deform, so the entry wire is easy to scratch, and the lubricant powder is difficult to attach on the steel wire, and these reason will cause break on nail point.
The compound PCD dies designed by our company had compound the tungsten carbide material with the PCD nibs, such design could larger the surface of entry angle, so the entry surface is difficult to scratch the steel wire, and the working surface of inner hole become larger, could solve the problems of poor lubrication and inlet area deformed lead the wire scratch when drawing.
Raw Material of PCD
Base on different working condition, technology and design, the most suitable PCD was used for the die, the raw material of PCD comes from Zhengzhou New Asia Super hard Material Composite Co, Ltd, SF Diamond, Shandong Work Diamond, Jingri Diamond, also we develop some new materials with our partner which is suitable to drawing die.
Production Process
Round steel cutting;
U shape drill on steel in high precision;
Forging on 500 ton Oil Press;
Grinding outside steel case on High-Precision Careless Grinder;
Shaping of entry angle;
Laser drilling of die hole;
High Precision Grinding on die inner hole;
Ultrasonic Polishing on die inner hole;
Quality inspection;
Packing & delivery 
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