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Wire Straightening Dies

By |2021-10-14T04:23:13+00:00September 10, 2021|Products|

Wire straightening dies are used in wire drawing machines, wire drawing machines, drawing machines, and straightening machines as one of the processing parts to make the diameter, roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightening of wire or bar meet the raw material treatment requirements required for the production of metal products such as standard parts.

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Wire Drawing Dies

By |2021-10-14T04:24:02+00:00September 10, 2021|Products|

Wire Drawing Dies usually refer to various dies for drawing metal wires and optical fibers, wire die are typically made of tool steel, tungsten carbide, or diamond. All drawing dies have a hole in the center with a certain shape, round, square, octagonal, or other special shapes. When the metal is pulled through the wire die hole, the size becomes smaller and even the shape changes.

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Thread Rolling Dies

By |2021-10-18T07:55:31+00:00September 9, 2021|Products|

Thread rolling dies is a tool for rolling threads by means of metal plastic deformation on the wire rolling machine. The high-quality wire rolling die is required to be made of Cr12MoV material, with hardness above HRC62, wear resistance, and long service life.

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Nail Gripper Dies

By |2021-10-18T06:19:35+00:00September 8, 2021|Products|

Nail Gripper Dies is an important work component of nail-making machines, which belongs to consumables, so the service life of nail dies is directly related to the production efficiency and benefits of the nail-making plant.

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Carbide Descaling Roller

By |2021-10-14T04:29:55+00:00September 8, 2021|Products|

Carbide descaling rolls are made from tungsten carbide or steel and are used for the mechanical descaling of entry rods in reduction mills. Stress-relieving Rolls are made from tungsten carbide to improve the mechanical characteristics of the cold rolling wire.

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Hot Rolling Roller & Cold Rolling Roller

By |2021-10-14T04:31:15+00:00September 7, 2021|Products|

Mill Roll is the main working component and tool of the rolling mill, and the use is to make the metal continuously plastic deformation. The mill roll is mainly composed of a roll body, a roll neck, and a shaft head, three parts. The mill roll can be arranged in two rolls, three rolls, four rolls, or multi-rolls in the housing.

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Cermet Turning Inserts

By |2021-10-14T04:32:20+00:00September 7, 2021|Products|

Cermet inserts are made of the ceramic bonded metal composite prepared by powder metallurgy. Cermet inserts compare to other materials, with the advantage of long tool life and excellent surface finish, combining toughness with superior wear resistance.

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Carbide Turning Inserts

By |2021-10-14T04:32:40+00:00September 7, 2021|Products|

Turning inserts are usually indexable, they can be exchanged, and rotated or flipped, without disturbing tool effective diameter, tool length offset, etc. This saves turning time and increased efficiency in manufacturing.

Solid Carbide Saws

By |2021-10-14T04:33:02+00:00September 6, 2021|Products|

Solid carbide saw used in CNC milling machine to produce precision slots and cuts. The quality of solid carbide saw is closely related to the quality of processed products. The correct and reasonable selection of tungsten steel saw blade is of great significance to improve product quality, shorten processing cycle and reduce processing cost.

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