Various types of rebar in the manufacturing industry

Standards for the specification of rebar are set out in: BS 4449: 2005 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. Weldable reinforcing steel. Bar, coil and decoiled product. Rebar is commonly…

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Cemented carbide milling cutter

Have you got the grinding skill and better selection of cemented carbide tool?

Cemented carbide milling cutters are mainly divided into: solid carbide milling cutters | cemented carbide straight shank groove milling cutters | cemented carbide saw blade milling cutters

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How to choose a suitable corner radius for cnc turning inserts?

Due to the different shape of the inserts, the tip angle changes from the minimum 35° to the round blade, and the corresponding tip angle is selected according to different…

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Do you know how to make the best selection of CNC solid carbide woodworking tools?

The design of the spiral blade can reduce the resistance caused by contact with the workpiece during cutting

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What is the advantages of thread milling cutters compared to taps

What is the advantages of thread milling cutters compared to taps?

With the development of cnc machining technology, especially the emergence of three-axis linkage numerical control processing system, a more advanced thread processing method-thread numerical control milling can be realized. Compared…

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