Schematic diagrams of forming principles of rods with helical holes

Discussion on Dimension Standard and Control Precision of Cemented Carbide Rods with Helical Coolant Holes

ABSTRACT The cemented carbide rods with helical coolant holes were the important products researched by powder metallurgy industry for high added value due to its dimensional accuracy and molding difficulty….

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The shape of TNMF160408 insert

Does Mo₂C Change the Properties of Ti(C,N)-Ni-Co Cermet Structure?

In this paper, Ti(C,N)-Ni-Co cermets with different contents of Mo₂C were prepared, and the influence of Mo₂C on microstructure, mechanical properties and cutting performance of 304 stainless steel were studied….

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XRD patterns of test coatings

What Affects the Structure and Performance of MT-TiCN Coating?

Carbide surface coating is an extremely effective way to solve the contradiction between the wear resistance and toughness of carbide tools, which can greatly improve the cutting performance of carbide…

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Why you should not go to new ceramic tool materials

Why You Should Not Go to New Ceramic Tool Materials?

The emergence of new ceramic cutting tools is the result of a technological revolution in the first human revolution in the use of ceramic materials to reform mechanical cutting. Ceramic…

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How do CNC tools match new market needs?

How Do CNC Tools Match New Market Needs?

As a practitioner in the CNC tools industry, you must know how to help customers reduce costs. If the tool has better durability, reduce the frequency of manual tool changes,…

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Solutions of Frequently Broken Copper Wires in the Wire Drawing

The production of copper single wire is a problem that all cable manufacturers are very concerned about, because the quality and efficiency of wire drawing directly affects the progress of…

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Wuhan international machine tool exhibition

2020 9th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition

Country City Organizer Holding time End time Email China Wuhan Hubei Lijia Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. 2020/9/2 2020/9/5 [email protected] Exhibited Content 1. For many years, Wuhan International Machine Tool…

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In Customization of Carbide Products, How to Ensure Quality

The non-standard products of tungsten carbide test the production capacity of a company very much, especially the products with more tricky requirements and higher tolerance requirements. Therefore, how to choose…

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why the spiral cutter head is so popular?

Why the Spiral Cutter Head Is So Popular?

With the development of technology, discarded spiral cutter head has gradually replaced traditional flat knives and four-sided planers. In the near future, it will be gradually popularized in the woodworking machinery…

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Tool Industry Under COVID-19

Innovative Tools Help the Development of the Automotive Industry

This year, Jinnuo pioneered the new two-line fusion exhibition mode in which the online cloud exhibition promotes the offline machine tool exhibition. Walter made a successful appearance at the first…

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An article about woodworking carbide reversible knives

An Article About Woodworking Carbide Reversible Knives

As you know, the traditional flat knife such as alloy knife, shaping knife has the following problems: Burning of the cutting edge: when the cutting edge is worn or the…

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milling stainless steel

How to Choose Stainless Steel Milling Cutter?

Due to the large increase in domestic demand for stainless steel products, stainless steel production has also increased significantly. The global growth rate of 5% per year has almost doubled…

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Two Measures to Improve the Stability When Woodworking Milling

The stability of woodworking milling cutter affects the machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece, so in the process of wood milling, we should try our best to improve…

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Thousands of CNC Tools Choose the Best for You

The selection of CNC tools is one of the important contents in the CNC machining process. It not only affects the machining efficiency of the machine tool, but also directly…

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