Fig.3 SEM-EDS diagrams of cermet substrates andcoatings: (a) SEM diagram of coating and substrate; (b)EDS diagram of coating; (c) EDS diagram of substrate

Effect of Nbc Content on Ti(C ,N) Based Cermet Coating

ABSTRACT Ti (C, N) -based cermets with different Nbc contents (0% 、3% 、6% 、9% 、12% ) were prepared by powder metallurgy method, and then the TiAlCrSiN coating was coated on…

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Precautions for drawing galvanized wire

With the traction of the drawing machine, the wire rod or intermediate wire blank deforms through the die hole of the drawing die, so as to reduce the cross-section and…

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Matters needing attention for customized cemented carbide strip

Tungsten carbide strip is a kind of high-performance material with high hardness, strength and wears resistance, which is mainly made of WC tungsten carbide and Co powder by the metallurgical…

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Principle and process of wire drawing

Wire drawing is a kind of metal processing technology in metal pressure machining. Under the action of external force, the metal is forced to pass through the mold, the cross-sectional…

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Fig.12 The temperature distribution of micro-drills of different diameters: (a) 4 mm; (b) 12 mm; (c) 18 mm; (d) The temperature of pre-treatment area of micro-drills of different diameters

Research on Coating of Micro Drilling and Milling Tools (I)

ABSTRACT Hard coatings deposited on micro drills and milling tools can effectively improve micro-machining qualityand processing efficiency. Diamond coatings, diamond-like carbon coatings and carbide/nitride coatings of transition metalhave been wildly…

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