Fig.3 SEM-EDS diagrams of cermet substrates andcoatings: (a) SEM diagram of coating and substrate; (b)EDS diagram of coating; (c) EDS diagram of substrate

Effect of Nbc Content on Ti(C ,N) Based Cermet Coating

ABSTRACT Ti (C, N) -based cermets with different Nbc contents (0% 、3% 、6% 、9% 、12% ) were prepared by powder metallurgy method, and then the TiAlCrSiN coating was coated on…

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Precautions for drawing galvanized wire

With the traction of the drawing machine, the wire rod or intermediate wire blank deforms through the die hole of the drawing die, so as to reduce the cross-section and…

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Matters needing attention for customized cemented carbide strip

Tungsten carbide strip is a kind of high-performance material with high hardness, strength and wears resistance, which is mainly made of WC tungsten carbide and Co powder by the metallurgical…

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Principle and process of wire drawing

Wire drawing is a kind of metal processing technology in metal pressure machining. Under the action of external force, the metal is forced to pass through the mold, the cross-sectional…

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Fig.12 The temperature distribution of micro-drills of different diameters: (a) 4 mm; (b) 12 mm; (c) 18 mm; (d) The temperature of pre-treatment area of micro-drills of different diameters

Research on Coating of Micro Drilling and Milling Tools (I)

ABSTRACT Hard coatings deposited on micro drills and milling tools can effectively improve micro-machining qualityand processing efficiency. Diamond coatings, diamond-like carbon coatings and carbide/nitride coatings of transition metalhave been wildly…

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Characteristics and selection of different powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is widely used, and there are many kinds of materials used. How to choose the right powder metallurgy material is very important for a metallurgical factory like us,…

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How to Choose the Diameter of the Carbide Saw Blade?

Some customers are confused about the choice of diameter and aperture when purchasing carbide circular saw blades. UKO, as the manufacturer of tungsten carbide solid saw blades and TCT saw blades, has…

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Fig.2 Special indexable cemented carbide insert for turningof cast iron: (a) insert with chip breaking groove; (b) insertwithout chip breaking groove (flat insert)

Research on Cutting Engineering Technology of High Hard Cast Iron

ABSTRACT There are two typical high hardness cast iron, including chilled cast iron and anti-wear alloy cast iron. Withcomprehensive properties of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature…

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Walter Launches Supreme Mini Drill Bit db133 & Guide Drill db131

Walter Launches Supreme Mini Drill Bit DB133 & Guide Drill DB131

Walter’s externally cooled micro-drill DB133 Supreme has established itself in the global precision component processing field. Now, the company from Tübingen, Germany, is demonstrating two new developments in micro-drills: solid…

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Three Quick Tips For The Types Of Coated CNC Inserts

In recent years, coated CNC inserts have been favored by the vast metal processing industry. About 80% of the cutting tools used in the new CNC machine tools use coated tools….

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5 Things Your Competitors Know About Choosing And Maintaining CNC Inserts

We all know that CNC inserts failure and its adverse impact on production equipment are similar to athletes wearing a pair of high-quality running shoes. Just as shoes withstand the…

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Are CNC Tools Manufacturers Speculators?

Zhuzhou UKO is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, production and sale of CNC tools products and cemented carbide products. Its cemented carbide CNC blades are installed on CNC…

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How to find the original factory to buy tungsten carbide products

How To Find the Original Factory To Buy Tungsten Carbide Products?

Many people will choose to buy Chinese tungsten carbide products on the Internet. How to find high-quality original factories is a difficult problem. Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, is well-known in China’s…

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High-Speed Steel or Tungsten Steel, How To Choose the Material?

What is high-speed steel? High-speed steel (HSS) is a kind of tool steel with high hardness, high wear resistance, and high heat resistance, also known as wind steel or edge…

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Attention this terrific carbide indexable inserts

This article brings you a woodworking helical cutter heads partner- carbide indexable insert! The carbide indexable insert is made of ultrafine-grained cemented carbide, which is imported slim raw materials, no tear-out,…

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Introduction to the spiral cutter head

Today we are going to introduce you to the four main merits of the spiral cutter head, then you will know why they’re the new favorites in the woodworking world….

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what is the difference between carbide end mill and drill bit

What is the difference between end mill and drill bit?

Have you ever noticed that the shape of end mill bits is similar to the drill bits? And do you know their difference? Both end mill and drill bit are…

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An article about the importance of end mill coating

In cutting process, the tool performance has a decisive influence on cutting efficiency, accuracy, and surface quality. There are always contradictions between the two key indicators of the performance of…

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How to Increase the Service Life of Wire Drawing Dies?

How to Increase the Service Life of Wire Drawing Dies?

Wire drawing die is a very important consumable product for wire drawing by various metal wire manufacturers. Many people complain that the carbide wire drawing dies are not wear-resistant and…

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Mitsubishi Wstar Series Drill Bits

Research on Optimization of Universal Drill Bit

1 Type of Drill Physical drilling with a drill bit is called drilling. The most commonly used drill bit is a twist drill. The twist drill is characterized by two…

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Geometry of bilayered cemented carbide samples

Preparation and Research of Gradient Cemented Carbide Based on Cobalt and Carbon-Based Migration Dynamics

Compared with WC-Co, functionally graded cemented carbide (FG WC-Co) can provide excellentcombination of hardness and fracture toughness. Based on the driving force of cobalt and carbon that liquid-Co migrates fromhigher…

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Sandvik's tendency to apply for 3D printing carbide patents

How Will 3D Printed Carbide Be in the Future?

Due to its excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, cemented carbide is widely used in many fields.3D printing, also known as“additive manufacturing”, is an emerging advanced molding technology which has…

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