Tungsten Molybdenum Rare Earth Cobalt Lithium Nickel Price Quotes

Tungsten Molybdenum Rare Earth Cobalt Lithium Nickel Price Quotes

China’s raw material market quotations, tungsten prices remain stable and strong, and the weak game of supply and demand is the current market norm. Affected by macro turbulence and weak…

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What’s the difference between left and right end mills?

The milling cutter is the most important tool of CNC machine tools. There are many kinds of milling cutters we use in our daily life, and end mills are the…

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Causes of cracks in diamond wire drawing die

In the use of wire drawing die, abnormal cracks sometimes appear, which affects the production. As a professional supplier of carbide wire tools, UKO provides carbide drawing dies and PCD…

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What kind of CNC insert is the best?

There are many choices in the material of the CNC insert. UKO is the most professional supplier of carbide metal cutting tools. We usually recommend suitable materials according to the processing…

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Market Overview of China’s Cemented Carbide Tool Industry in 2020

“China Cemented Carbide Tool Industry Survey and Investment Strategy Report (2020 Edition)” shows that the performance of the tool largely determines the machining quality and production efficiency. Manufacturing powerhouses such…

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Matters needing attention when using wire drawing die

Drawing die is an important part of the wire drawing machine. In the process of drawing, we not only need to ensure high-quality wire but also need to effectively control…

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How to choose the TC cutting tools for hardwood and softwood?

We usually classify wood into softwood and hardwood. Wood made from conifers (like pine) is called softwood, and wood made from dicotyledons (like oak) is called hardwood. But most people…

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How to solve the balance problem in high-speed CNC machining

As the most important technology in mold manufacturing, high-speed machining is an advanced manufacturing technology with high efficiency, high quality, and low consumption. Compared with the traditional machining, high-speed machining…

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machining tungsten carbide deep processing technology

Do You Know About Machining Tungsten?

We know that tungsten has many valuable properties, such as extremely high melting point, low vapor pressure, low expansion and dimensional stability at high temperatures, excellent high-temperature mechanical properties and…

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What CNC milling cutters are commonly used in machining centers?

What CNC milling cutters are commonly used in machining centers? CNC machining center adopts a CNC insert which consists of two parts: cutter and collet. The cutting edge has all…

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Self-taught woodcarving, carbide rotary burrs you must understand

Recently, I found that everyone is interested in our cutter head. Let’s just talk more. So today, let’s talk about the tungsten carbide rotary burrs. Let’s talk about it first….

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Each Cutting Tool Can Process More Threads

With the development of the tool manufacturing industry, new tool materials and processes are widely used. Thread milling cutters have also evolved from the original high-speed steel and cemented carbide integral…

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How to choose a suitable end mill

How to choose a suitable end mill?

With the widespread use of CNC machine tools, the public has stricter requirements on the size, rigidity, precision, durability, strength and stability of milling cutters. To improve the efficiency of milling…

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The difference between cold heading and hot forging

What is cold heading? We often call cold heading is the use of the metal’s own plasticity, pressure, or cold drawing process, so that the metal can achieve the purpose of…

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Some Features About Planetary Thread Rolling Dies

We believe many wire nail factories are familiar with the planetary thread rolling dies. Top-quality planetary dies for them to achieve excellent thread accuracy during their rolling operations. Here are the…

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Why Is There Fuzziness on Lumber After Planing?

Have you ever noticed that after planing, there seems to be fine fuzziness on lumber? It may be everywhere, or it may be in certain areas. Unless there is very bright lighting at the…

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How To Get Rid of Stringy Chips on Your Inserts?

It’s awful that our CNC turning insert got chips wrapped around it. Our tool’s going to worn out prematurely. Or worse that it could break. Today I will share these…

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Why UKO Woodworking Reversible Knives Are So Colorful?

——What makes your woodworking knives so gorgeous and beautiful? ——The secret is coating. ——What kind of coating is that? ——The coating is named DLC, an abbreviation for ‘Diamond-Like Carbon’. ——In addition…

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drawing of tungsten carbide colde rollers

Cemented Carbide Composite Roll Ring Replaces Cast Iron Roll

From the structure of carbide rolls, there are two types: solid cemented carbide rolls and composite cemented carbide rolls. Among them, the solid carbide rolls have been widely used in…

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Five Tips for Updating To the Spiral Cutterhead

There are five tips you should know before replacing the straight knife cutter to the spiral cutter head. 1. The original bearing should be checked for accuracy, and it is recommended…

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Eight Tips for Installing the Spiral Cutter Head

There are 8 tips you should know before installing the carbide tipped segmented spiral cutter head. 1. When the spiral cutter shaft has been installed on the machine and the…

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