Matters needing attention when using wire drawing die

Drawing die is an important part of the wire drawing machine. In the process of drawing, we not only need to ensure high-quality wire but also need to effectively control…

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How to choose the TC cutting tools for hardwood and softwood?

We usually classify wood into softwood and hardwood. Wood made from conifers (like pine) is called softwood, and wood made from dicotyledons (like oak) is called hardwood. But most people…

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How to solve the balance problem in high-speed CNC machining

As the most important technology in mold manufacturing, high-speed machining is an advanced manufacturing technology with high efficiency, high quality, and low consumption. Compared with the traditional machining, high-speed machining…

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machining tungsten carbide deep processing technology

Do You Know About Machining Tungsten?

We know that tungsten has many valuable properties, such as extremely high melting point, low vapor pressure, low expansion and dimensional stability at high temperatures, excellent high-temperature mechanical properties and…

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What CNC milling cutters are commonly used in machining centers?

What CNC milling cutters are commonly used in machining centers? CNC machining center adopts a CNC insert which consists of two parts: cutter and collet. The cutting edge has all…

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