What Is the Impact of Forming Methods on Carbide Rods?

In 2000, UKO brought together a group of cemented carbide technical talents and established in Zhuzhou, Hunan, where tungsten carbide is booming. In 2009, UKO introduced a complete tungsten carbide…

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How To Understand the Stickers on Carbide CNC Inserts Boxes?

The packaging of carbide inserts usually have a lot of information, including the brand logo, insert model, grade, work piece(PMKNSH) recommendation, cutting parameters references…What does this information on the package…

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Do you know about tungsten carbide balls?

Tungsten carbide ball, commonly known as tungsten steel ball, refers to the ball and ball made of cemented carbide. The cemented carbide ball has high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance,…

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Cause and reflection of hot rolling roll fracture

As we all know, roll fractures in hot-rolled steel bars will seriously affect work efficiency and production safety. The rolling temperature of 4751 superalloys was about 1140 ℃. In order…

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How to prolong the service life of PCD wire drawing dies?

Diamond drawing die is made of natural diamond, which has a strong wear resistance and long service life. Because the price of natural diamond drawing die is the most expensive,…

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Why Do Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Dies Fail?

In the production of steel wire, the consumption of wire drawing dies can be cracked or worn. Cracked molds can only be scrapped. Worn molds can be repaired and reused. Therefore,…

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How To Reduce Noise of Woodworking Planer?

There are many types of woodworking planers, mainly flat planers, single-sided press planers, and multi-sided press planers. However, the mechanism of noise generated by the planer for woodworking is basically the…

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Have you used these three kinds of the wire drawing die?

PCD and tungsten carbide are the main materials of wire drawing die. There are great differences in the application of the two materials, and each has its own characteristics. In…

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What are the processing methods of PCD drawing die?

PCD is commonly known as the “artificial diamond, PCD is a top-quality material for wire drawing dies. Its working life is 15-25 times than the working life of tungsten carbide dies…

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What’s the difference between flat end mill, ball nose end mill, corner radius end mill?

An end mill is a type of milling cutter, a cutting tool used in industrial milling applications. It is distinguished from the drill bit in its application, geometry, and manufacture….

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Do you know the difference between concrete and steel nails?

Today’s nails are typically made of steel, often dipped or coated to prevent corrosion in harsh conditions or to improve adhesion. Ordinary nails for wood are usually of a soft, low-carbon or “mild” steel…

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Show you the difference between softwood and hardwood

Hardwood refers to the wood with a fine and hard texture. It is often used to make high-value wood products. Hardwoods are mostly from deciduous fine-leaved trees, including oak, mahogany,…

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ukocarbide something of corrugated paper you need to know

Something of corrugated paper you need to know

In daily life, corrugated paper is a very common product; it is widely used in transport packaging, disposable packaging containers, digital cameras, and other micro-electrical products packaging. Corrugated board is…

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Several Manifestations of Cold Heading Die Failure

When the mold is in production and application, different parts of the mold bear different forces, which cause various forms of damage at the same time or one after another….

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Basic Knowledge of Light Cutting Spiral Cutter Head

Today, we will talk about the basic knowledge of a light-cutting spiral cutter head. Hope it could help to know more about it. 1. Light-cut spiral woodworking tool structure composition…

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