Matters needing attention in purchasing tungsten carbide strip

There are different grades of tungsten carbide strips according to their different properties and uses. The physical and mechanical properties of different grades of tungsten carbide strips are not consistent. When purchasing,…

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2 straightening methods of NC steel bar straightening and cutting machine

As an excellent building material, reinforcement is widely used in the construction of tunnels, bridges, buildings, and other facilities. With the continuous advancement of the national industrialization process and the…

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Eight strategies of exporting to Pakistan

As the sixth most populous country in the world, Pakistan has a huge internal market demand, but its domestic production capacity is lagging behind, and many products rely on imports….

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uko end mill

The most common types milling cutters in machining

Do you know the most commonly used milling cutters in machining? Tungsten steel milling cutter is a kind of tool made of tungsten steel (tungsten carbide),which is made through various…

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The production process of woodworking saw blade

There are commonly used carbon tool steel (T9, T10) and high-speed steel for woodworking saw blade body. Tungsten cobalt (Gy) and tungsten titanium (YT) are commonly used for carbide blade….

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