Is It Necessary to Warm Up when Turning on the CNC Machine

Is It Necessary to Warm Up when Turning on the CNC Machine?

The factory uses precision CNC machine tools (machining centers, EDM, slow wire and other machine tools) for high-precision machining. Do you have such an experience? When you turn on the machine every…

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What Is a Cemented Carbide Strip?

Cemented carbide strips are mainly made by mixing WC tungsten carbide and Co cobalt powder by powdering, ball milling, pressing and sintering by metallurgical methods. The main alloy components are…

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hot rolling mill

What Are the Surface Damages of Hot Mill Rolls?

Roll surface cracks: The pattern is divided into normal cracks and abnormal cracks. Normal cracks are also called thermal cracks, which are caused by the gradual cracking of the roller…

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carbide wear parts

What Is Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts?

Cemented carbide materials have superior performance, so they are widely used in industry. Good wear resistance and high hardness make it suitable for manufacturing carbide wear parts, mechanical parts and…

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what is welding milling cutter?

What Is Welding Milling Cutter?

The hard alloy blade is brazed with pure copper or other solder on the ordinary structural steel or cast iron toolholder to make a welding milling cutter. What are the…

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