What is the difference in the use of the replacement woodworking spiral cutter shaft with 14, 15, and 30 blades?

With 14x14x2.0mm blade light-duty woodworking spiral cutter shaft Advantage: The cutter shaft is produced by five-axis linkage processing, with high precision, and with high-precision blades and screws, the accumulated tolerance…

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Fast Feed Milling Insert Series

Can You Make The Same Size SDMT150512 For Me?

Recently we received many different questions about the cnc cutting tools from our customers. And most of questions is about the fast feed milling inserts. Nowadays the fast feed milling…

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What inserts have become the standard knife for woodworking machinery in Europe and the United States?

Answer: Imported Ultra-slim Tungsten Alloy Disposable Woodworking Spiral Blade The advantages: Germany imported ultra-fine particle cemented carbide, a big brand, high toughness, durability and high strength. The product has undergone…

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SEKT13T3 face milling inserts

Face Milling Insert SEMT13T3 or SEKT13T3? How to choose?

At present, Mitsubishi SEMT13T3AGSN-JM VP15TF is widely used and loved by many metalworking factories. Mitsubishi describes this model like this: High accuracy M class insert. For a wide range of…

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Do You Know How the Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Dies Is Produced?

Four Steps of Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies Production: 1.Tungsten carbide mould processing The core of the hard alloy drawing die will shrink in the sintering process, and the shrinkage of…

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