Attention this terrific carbide indexable inserts

This article brings you a woodworking helical cutter heads partner- carbide indexable insert!

The carbide indexable insert is made of ultrafine-grained cemented carbide, which is imported slim raw materials, no tear-out, more durable and 20 times longer working time than normal type, high hardness, and toughness.

With excellent craftsmanship, high concentricity of the center hole, + /-0.1mm tolerance only. High-speed cutting provides high stability, short knife length, and small cutting power. Point cutting can effectively prevent tearing during wood processing, which is as smooth as a mirror.

Standard carbide knife specification: 14 * 14 * 2.0-30  °mm 15 * 15 * 2.5-30 °/ 37 °mm

Compared with the traditional straight knife, the working efficiency of the spiral cutter head can be increased several times on the four side planer. The advantages of the carbide indexable knives are safety, small cutting resistance, long blade life, low noise, saving grinding time, and earning processing efficiency.

Usage tips

1. To change a cutting edge, clean the blade and rotate it 90 degrees.

2. Remove the debris and dust on the cutter head to ensure that the cutter head is clean to avoid blade breakage.

3. Press the blade gently and slide it for several times to make the bottom surface of the blade fit with the cutterhead. Lock the screw clockwise, and the blade will automatically press against the positioning table of the cutter base.

4. Check the blade before use. If it is broken, please replace it immediately.

From the above, it is worth buying carbide indexable inserts to replace the conventional straight knife. What do you think? Welcome to join us in the discussion.

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