Can You Make The Same Size SDMT150512 For Me?

Fast Feed Milling Insert Series

Recently we received many different questions about the cnc cutting tools from our customers. And most of questions is about the fast feed milling inserts. Nowadays the fast feed milling inserts is widely used in the metalworking industry. The factories ask a higher efficiency cnc cutting tools to realize high speed production, so the fast feed milling inserts can meet this target.

UKO produce a series fast feed milling inserts including LNMU0303, SDMT120512/150512, WNMU080608, LNMU110408, SNMX1306, ENMU100412…

We can produce the same size as the large feed blades of several major international CNC tool brands. In the future, we will also independently develop our own blades and cutter heads.

Some customers will be confused: whether our milling inserts are installed with the face mills they currently use.

A customer from Brazil asked: I use TaeguTec SDMT face milling insert, and I want to replace with similar insert. Do you have the same size SDMT?

Here we give the answer to this client:

  • We make two size of SDMT fast feed milling inserts: SDMT120512-GM and and SDMT150512-GM. Please check the size you are using.
  • Our SDMT milling insert can match Hitachi face mill. So they cannot be installed on your TaeguTec face mills.

What about the advantages of our SDMT milling inserts?

1.100% tungsten carbide raw material. UKO is located in Zhuzhou City, and tungsten carbide inserts blank here is in the top quality of China.

2.Good wear and abrasive resistance

3.Better cost-effective CNC tools

4.Suitable for face milling, rough processing and dry cutting

5.Adequate stock to ensure fast delivery

If you have any other demand for different milling inserts, please send us the insert code and brand name, and we will recommend a suitable insert for you.

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