What is the advantages of thread milling cutters compared to taps

What is the advantages of thread milling cutters compared to taps?

With the development of cnc machining technology, especially the emergence of three-axis linkage numerical control processing system, a more advanced thread processing method-thread numerical control milling can be realized. Compared…

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Which is Better for Milling Thin-wall Parts Up or Down Milling?

Which is Better for Milling Thin-wall Parts, Up or Down Milling?

In CNC machining, the rotation direction of the milling cutter is generally unchanged, but the feed direction is changed. There are two common phenomena in milling: down milling and up…

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New grade for turning inserts

CNC Turning Insert New Product: RD9218 New Grade for Steel Proccessing

For a long time, people have been pursuing CNC insert with better wear resistance and longer tool life. Most of foreign well-known CNC tools brands can meet this demand. Of…

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What Is a Cermet Turning Insert?

New Material CNC Insert: Uncoated Cermet CNC Inserts

When choosing metal lathe tools for steel processing, cermet turning inserts is a good choice. As a new material, the cermet inserts can not only improve the surface finish of…

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Show you the difference between softwood and hardwood

Hardwood refers to the wood with fine and hard texture. It is often used to make high value wood products. Hardwoods are mostly from deciduous fine leaved trees, including oak,…

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