UKO New Series Carbide End Mills Assure High Quality Demand!

As customers’ demand for medium and high-level quality cutting tools gradually increases, our company has introduced a series of standard end mills. The newly launched end mills have exported to end…

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UKO New Product HRC 68 End Mill for Hardened Steel

Introduction End mills are the most widely used milling cutters on CNC machine tools. There are cutting tools on the cylindrical surface and end face of the end mills, they…

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What problems can affect endmills machining results

What problems can affect endmills machining results?

The wear of solid carbide end mills is mainly concentrated in cutting edge wear, peripheral edge wear, boundary wear, bottom edge wear and rake face wear. Edge Wear and Boundary Wear…

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Why Profile Milling Inserts Are So Useful for Mold Making?

Profile milling inserts, also known as copy milling inserts, are mainly used for the milling of facades or slopes and are often used for rough machining in mold making. Profiling Milling Inserts in…

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What do you know about roughing end mills

What do you know about roughing end mills?

Rough end mill cutters are rotary cutters with one or more teeth for rough milling. It has sharp corrugations, 35 degree helix angle design, improve chip removal ability, widely used in workpiece…

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