How to set the common speed and feed of CNC machining aluminum?

Today, UKO invited Samuel, who has ten years of CNC machining experience, to answer this question. Samuel is an old customer of our company, and also our special consultant on…

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Can end mill be used as drill?

End mills are used in many machining processes, which greatly improves the efficiency of workpiece processing. Many people wonder whether the end mill can be used as a drill because it…

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What should we pay attention to when using the spiral cutter head?

Spiral cutter head is our popular product. In addition to the common light spiral cutter head and heavy spiral cutter head, we also have the high feed spiral cutter head is special for large…

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How to select the helix angle of end mill?

The basic edge shapes of end mills (helix groove shapes) are straight and helix. The helix angle can be divided into 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 50 degrees, and so on….

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How To Select the Edge Shape of the End Mill?

In the selection of end mill, there are many matters needing attention, such as the hardness of the end mill, the number of edges, diameter, edge length and so on….

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