How to Choose Dry Milling or Wet Milling in CNC Machine

Milling is essentially a discontinuous process. This causes the temperature at the cutting edge to fluctuate constantly between high temperature (about 1000 ℃) and low temperature. So use the correct way…

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How to understand the model of carbide inserts?

There are many CNC carbide inserts of various shapes, uses and materials. First, let’s understand the classification of cemented carbide insert turning tools. According to the tool structure, it can…

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Various types of rebar in the manufacturing industry

Standards for the specification of rebar are set out in: BS 4449: 2005 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. Weldable reinforcing steel. Bar, coil and decoiled product. Rebar is commonly…

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How to choose a suitable corner radius for CNC turning inserts?

Due to the different shape of the carbide inserts, the tip angle changes from the minimum 35° to the round blade, and the corresponding tip angle is selected according to…

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Steel is a very important metal material in all fields of economic construction.

Characteristics of the processed material–P(Steel)

The application and research history of steel is quite long, but until the invention of the Bayesian steel making method in the 19th century, the production of steel was a…

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