Causes of cracks in diamond wire drawing die


In the use of wire drawing die, abnormal cracks sometimes appear, which affects the production. As a professional supplier of carbide wire tools, UKO provides carbide drawing dies and PCD drawing dies. Today, we will analyze the PCD drawing die longitudinal or axial crack causes and solutions.

One of our Russian customers had great concerns when he decided to purchase PCD drawing die dies from UKO. It is used for drawing copper wire, so we recommend PCD drawing die. However, the customer said that the previous supplier also recommended diamond wire drawing die, but the effect was not as good as expected.

After further understanding, we found that the diamond drawing dies he used before appeared longitudinal cracks. We all know that the longitudinal cracks may be caused by the high strength of the drawn wire or insufficient lubrication, but this customer is not for this reason. That may be due to the quality of PCD drawing die itself. It may be due to material defects or small particles and large opening. It is also possible that the reinforcing effect of the sintered metal is poor.

We usually choose the reasonable particle size and aperture according to the material strength of the drawing wire when customers purchase the drawing die. We will also pay attention to the sintering process of powder metal in production to ensure the reinforcement of PCD. After further communication, the Russian customer finally chose UKO and became a long-term partner of UKO.

UKO can customize wire tools according to customer’s requirements. Drawing dies are not particularly complex processes. UKO has 20 years of experience as a manufacturer of wire tools. To ensure the stability of the quality of their products, it is more important to understand the needs and processing of customers. According to the needs of customers, small adjustments in the product may greatly improve the production efficiency of customers. In addition to wire drawing dies, we also have tungsten carbide rollers, nail tools, carbide cold heading die s, and etc for wire industrial customers. If you have any demands, please feel free to contact us.

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