Each Cutting Tool Can Process More Threads

With the development of the tool manufacturing industry, new tool materials and processes are widely used. Thread milling cutters have also evolved from the original high-speed steel and cemented carbide integral milling cutters to the machine-mounted milling cutters with coated replaceable blades. At present, the most used tools are: single-edged indexable thread milling cutters, multi-edged replaceable insert thread milling cutters and multi-edged multi-head thread milling cutters.

Single-edge indexable thread milling cutter:

The thread pitch of the thread milling cutter is not fixed, and it can process threads of any pitch. The structure is like an internal thread turning inserts. The advantage is that the blade can be used in common with thread turning tools. Only one thread is used for each tooth. When one tooth is worn, the other two teeth can be replaced. The cost is low and the specifications are Complete, low price, easy to buy; the disadvantage is that the processing efficiency is low, not suitable for mass production.

Multi-edge replaceable blade thread milling cutter: As shown in Figure 3, it is a fixed pitch thread milling cutter. The pitch of the teeth on the blade is fixed, and it can only process threads with the corresponding pitch. During processing, all the threads on the tool The cutting teeth are all involved in cutting, and the efficiency is high. If one of the processing teeth is worn or damaged, it will affect the processing quality of the corresponding thread. The advantage is that the blade is easy to replace, the processing efficiency is high, and it is suitable for mass production; the disadvantage is that the versatility is poor, and only threads with a specific pitch can be processed, and the use cost is high.

Multi-blade multi-head thread milling cutter: As shown in Figure 4, it is also a fixed-pitch thread milling cutter. Like multi-blade replaceable insert thread milling cutters, the distance between the teeth on the blade is fixed, and only the corresponding pitch can be processed. Thread, but because it is manufactured as a whole and has multiple rows of multi-tooth spiral cutting edges, the cutting is smoother and more efficient during processing. The advantage is that it can realize high-speed processing of large quantities of threads; the disadvantage is that only specific processing The pitch of the thread, the tool is expensive, and the use cost is very high.

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