Have You Tried Any of a Fast Feed Milling Tools?

UKO Fast Feed Milling Inserts

How does a fast feed milling tool improve efficiency and save costs?

The improvement of production efficiency and the reduction of production costs are one of the important goals of intelligent manufacturing.

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to optimize all aspects of the manufacturing industry. In this process, technology has been continuously innovated, and new processing technologies and processing ideas have emerged one after another. The invention of the fast-feed blade was born to achieve this goal. Well-known international brands such as Sandvik, TaeguTec, Iscar, Tungloy, Secotools are all working towards this goal and have created a series of fast feed milling inserts with many amazing designs.

  • For example, Tungloy’s HFM series of fast-feed tools. The HFM mechanism is based on the “chip thinning” effect. The thickness of the chips depends on the entry angle of the milling cutter.
  • Versatile High Feed Mill with Strong 4 Cutting Edge Insert BLMP Series.

TaeguTec’s versatile CHASE-4-FEED line not only enables increased productivity with higher feed rates, but is also a cost-effective solution due to its 4 cutting edges. 

We all know that the traditional high metal removal rate technology is milling with a considerable depth of cut and width of cut, which is not conducive to the improvement of efficiency. The arrival of fast-feed blades solves this problem. It uses a machining method that combines a shallow depth of cut (DOC) with high feed rates of up to 2.0mm per tooth. This combination maximizes the amount of metal removed from the part and increases the number of finished parts in a given time.

China’s metal processing industry is developing rapidly, and many CNC tool manufacturers have emerged, such as ZCC.CT, Hardstone, OKE… Due to the geographical advantage, UKO is located in Zhuzhou, Hunan province, which is one of the largest cemented carbide production bases in China. UKO follows the trend of the times and produces different series of CNC tools to meet the different processing requirements of customers. The series of fast feed milling inserts is one of our main push series. For example, the BLMP series milling inserts can directly match the BLMP series of TaeguTec. A customer from South America is a mold maker, they need to purchase 2500 pieces of BLMP09 and BMMP06 blades from our company every quarter, together with SDMT120512 and SDMT150512. Twice the efficiency of their tooling and significant cost savings.

In the future, we also hope to help more customers provide high-quality cutting solutions, save more costs for customers, improve production efficiency, and achieve a long-term cooperation and win-win situation.

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