High-Speed Nail-Making Tools Fastener Your Work

nail making tools

Nail-Making tools are an essential work component of nail-making machines, which belongs to consumables, so the service life of nail production tools is directly related to the production efficiency and benefits of the nail-making plant. The design and manufacturing of high-speed nail gripper die is very important for the nail industry, which guarantees a reliable and stable nail threading process, minimizing quality problems and reducing manufacturing costs.

Nail-making tools mainly include brazed nail gripper dies, nail cutters, cutting knives and cutter inserts, punches, Wafios N90 Tools, Wafios N80 Tools, and feeders. A complete set of nail-making tools can be produced according to the requirements. They are characterized by high impact toughness and anti-fatigue strength, not easy to collapse, strong wear resistance, not easy to wear, high precision, strong stability, and long service life.

nail making tools

Now the automatic high-speed nail-making machine is the most popular in the market compared with a normal nail-making machine. They are widely used in Stable round nails, cement nails, shot nails, ordinary iron nails, corrugated nails, threaded nails, Fried Dough Twists nails, drywall nails, felt nails, floor nails, shoe nails, etc. Let’s have a quick look at how they work:

  1.  Wire feeding straightening: use friction wheel to straighten the bent steel wire while transferring the steel wire, and the wire feeding and straightening operation must be coordinated. It is impossible to work continuously in different operations, so there should be intermittent control to let the wire feeding be transferred intermittently. In addition, a clamping mechanism is also required, which can be relaxed during wire feeding, and other operation times in the clamping state.
  2. Cold heading nail cap: We often see nails with nail caps. When the clamping mechanism clamps the steel wire, a section of steel wire is exposed for cold heading nail cap, and movable or swing punching mechanism can be used.
  3. Cold extrusion nail tip: extrude the shape of the nail tip through the mold.
  4. Cut the steel wire: after the extrusion is completed, cut the mechanism and steel wire, and use the quick-return movement mechanism.
  5. The clamping mechanism is loosened and the iron nail falls down. The wire feeding mechanism feeds the wire again and repeats the processing process. * steps are omitted for the production of new reinforcement, and the others are the same.

We put the finished wire drawn by the wire drawing machine into the nail machine and start the nail machine to directly produce nails. UKO has been focusing on the processing of nail tools for 10 years and started its overseas export business in 2015. At present, it has occupied markets in South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other markets and has established long-term cooperation with no less than 6 major brands such as Peru, India and Malaysia. Our formulation tools are applicable to the formulation machines of famous brands, such as MORONI, VITARI, KOVOPOL, and WAFIOS.

In addition, the continuous innovation and improvement of high-speed nail machine equipment has improved the utilization rate of more limited waste resources, and also provided new production value for these materials. It can even be said that nail production tools have achieved good results in environmental protection and resource utilization, bringing unexpected production benefits to more users. At the same time, nail production tools also provide a great convenience for our actual production and reduce labor intensity.

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