How To Choose Suitable Woodworking Tools?

How To Choose Suitable Woodworking Tools?

Many woodworking enthusiasts do not know what kind of woodworking tools to choose when processing wood. Today we will talk about this issue, hope it could help choose woodworking tools for beginners. Firstly, we should know the material characteristics and selection principles of woodworking tools.

The tool material should have characteristics:

  • Sufficient hardness

Generally, the hardness is HRC44~62, and the HRC is above 44 at 300℃, which has good thermosetting properties.

  • High wear resistance

Wear resistance refers to the ability of a material to resist friction and wear. The nature, number, size and distribution of hard spots in the material structure all have an impact on the wear resistance. The level of tool wear resistance affects the life of the tool and the efficiency of the machine tool.

  • High thermal hardness

 Thermal hardness means that the tool material works under high temperature conditions and still maintains its high hardness performance; thermal hardness directly affects the cutting performance of the tool, especially the high-speed cutting of the tool.

  • Sufficient strength and toughness
  • Must have a good craftsmanship

In order to facilitate tool manufacturing, tool materials are required to have good manufacturability, including forging, rolling, welding processability, machinability, grindability, heat treatment characteristics, etc.

The principle of reasonable choice of woodworking tool materials

  • Choose according to the characteristics of processed wood or modern artificial wood materials;
  • Choose according to different processing conditions;
  • Under the condition of meeting the requirements of production, installation and tool manufacturing technology, through analysis and comparison to achieve economic and practical principle selection.

The above three aspects are related to each other or even restrict each other. In the specific selection, you should be familiar with the performance of the tool material and focus on how to meet the main requirements.

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