How to inspect and well maintenance of metal lathe saws?

metal lathe saws

Advantages of metal lathe saws:

1. The electronic speed control function can cut with different speeds for different materials.

2. Multi-level swing adjustment, imitating the user to move the circular saw blades up and down when cutting, so that the user can cut materials more quickly and effortlessly.

3. The base plate can be rotated, which is convenient for users to use metal working tools.

4. With large stroke length, metalworking cutting tools is faster.

zhuzhou cemented carbide metal lathe cutting tools:

1. Lubrication and refueling of the main saw lifting rail: make sure to pull back and forth every shift after cleaning after shutdown.

2. Clean the main saw blades: make sure to clean the saw lane after turning off the power and stopping the main saw.

3. Clean and lubricate the guide rail:

(1) Ensure that the main saw blades is cleaned after the power is turned off and the lubricating oil is wiped with an oil cloth.

(2) Use lubricating oil to wipe the guide rails every day before starting.

4. Operation console lubrication:

(1) Make sure to clean after turning off the power, wipe and lubricate with oil cloth.

5. Clean the dust suction channel: make sure to use compressed air to clean after turning off the power and stopping the main saw blades.

6. Pneumatic triple parts: clean the filter element and fill the pneumatic oil. Observe the raise at any time.

How to use metal lathe saws correctly:

1. Choose high-quality machines with reciprocating saw blades. The saw blade is an important consumable accessory of the saw. Only a good horse with a saddle can be more beneficial to the life of the metal cutting saw.

2. Correct operation and adjustment are the most important factors to ensure the service life of metal cutter saw. To choose a suitable cutting material and cutting saw blade, the width, tooth profile and tooth pitch of the saw blade are all very important factors.

3. Correct use of the rules, correct use and operation are also very important, including the gear adjustment of the cutting speed, the size of the feed pressure and the operating habits of the operators are all very important factors.

4. Use cutting fluid appropriately and correctly. When the metal saws is cutting wood and plastic, generally soft materials, cutting fluid is generally not needed, but if cutting metal and other hard and hot materials, you need to add cutting fluid.

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