How To Plan CNC Machining Process?

How To Plan CNC Machining Process

Process planning is an important part of computer numerical control (CNC) machining, which directly affects the efficiency of cutting operations. However, planing tasks depend to a large extent on the user’s experience and are generally regarded as manual processes. So we will talk about the topic of how to plan CNC machining process today.

Process planning refers to the entire process, and cannot be judged by the nature of a process and the processing of a certain surface. For example, some positioning reference planes need to be processed very accurately in the semi-finishing stage or even the roughing stage. Sometimes in order to avoid the conversion of the size chain, semi-finishing of certain secondary surfaces can also be arranged in the stage of finishing.

After determining the processing method and processing stage of the workpiece surface, the processing of each surface in the same processing stage can be combined into several process steps.

Method of dividing processing procedures

Parts processed on CNC machine tools are generally divided into processes according to the principle of process concentration. The methods of division are as follows:

1) Divided by the CNC metal cutting tools used

Taking the process completed by the same cutting tool as a working procedure, this division method is suitable for situations where there are many workpiece surfaces to be machined. This method is often used by CNC machining centers.

2) Divided by the number of workpiece installations

Take the technological process that can be completed in one installation of parts as a process. This method is suitable for parts with few processing contents. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of parts processing, all processing contents can be completed installed at one time.

3) Divided by processing part

The part of the process that completes the same profile is regarded as a process. For some complex parts with many machining surfaces, the sequence of CNC machining, heat treatment and auxiliary procedures should be arranged reasonably, and the connection problem between the procedures should be solved.

4) Divided by roughing and finishing processing

The process is divided into roughing processing, semi-finishing processing, and finishing processing. The part of the process completed in rough machining is regarded as one process, and the part of the process completed in finishing is regarded as another process. This division method is suitable for parts that have strength and hardness requirements, require heat treatment or require high accuracy of parts, need to effectively remove internal stress, and have large deformation after machining, which needs to be divided into rough and finishing stages.

Having said that, let’s implement it. In general, when the processing procedure is determined, the factory issues a purchase order to purchase CNC cutting tools. Professional CNC tool suppliers will want to ask about the material, process, and requirements of the workpiece. Different processes correspond to different CNC tools, which will be reflected in the grade and chip breaker. As a professional CNC tool supplier, UKO supplies carbide and cermet turning inserts, milling cutters, end mill bits, etc. to customers in different countries, and can provide you with a satisfactory solution for your process planning.

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