How to select the correct milling tools for aluminum alloy?

Milling Tools for Aluminum.

With the improvement of living standards, people love things with metal and aluminum in many industries more. Aluminum processing is generally used for ordinary machine tools, engraving machines and CNC machining centers.

The characteristics of aluminum

Compared with steel and high-temperature alloys, it is a kind of soft metal.

Firstly, Aluminum alloy its hardness is lower than that of titanium alloy and other quenched steels. Ordinary aluminum hardness is below HRC40 degrees. However, the hardness of heat-treated aluminum alloy is very high. Therefore, the tool load is small when machining. Because aluminum alloy has better thermal conductivity, the milling temperature is relatively low, which can increase its milling speed.

Secondly, aluminum alloy has low plasticity and low melting point. When processing this material, there may have serious sticking problems, poor chip removal performance and high surface roughness. As long as solving this major problem of sticking and surface quality, the aluminum alloy processing can be smooth.

Thirdly, as for unsuitable tool use, which will accelerate tool wear resistance due to problems such as tool sticking and chip removal during machining.

Generally, 3-flute aluminum milling cutters are for aluminum alloys. In addition, due to processing conditions difference, sometimes use 2-flute ball nose cutters or 4-flute end mill cutters. While in most cases, a 3-flute flat carbide end mill is normal. The reasons are below.

Why need to use 3 flutes milling tools rather than 2 or 4?

  • The material is generally YG cemented carbide, which can reduce the tool chemical affinity and aluminum alloy.
  • The high-speed steel aluminum milling cutter is sharper and can process this material as well.
  • Cutting parameters for milling aluminum alloys.

Usually, high-speed milling tools are for ordinary aluminum alloys. And choose a larger rake angle as much as possible to increase the chip space and reduce the sticking phenomenon. If it is finishing, you cannot use cutting liquid to avoid the small pinholes formation on the surface. Normally, you can use kerosene or diesel as the cutting liquid for aluminum processing.

Aluminum milling tools cutting speed is different due to the material, parameters, or processing technology.

That’s all. Hope through this article, you can have a deep understanding of aluminum end mills. For any further topics, please contact UKO Melody freely!

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