How To Understand the Stickers on Carbide CNC Inserts Boxes?


The packaging of carbide inserts usually have a lot of information, including the brand logo, insert model, grade, work piece(PMKNSH) recommendation, cutting parameters references…What does this information on the package mean? Let’s take a look at how to distinguish this information.

Insert Model

CNC inserts can be divided into metric (ISO) and inch (ANSI) standards. The main difference lies in the number in the middle. In addition, different tools have different expressions.
For example ISO: CNMG120408PS, ABSI: CNMG432PS

UKO usually uses ISO standards.

Insert Grade

The insert grade is not standard like the tungsten carbide raw material, such as K10, K20, K30… The insert grade is different from companies to companies.

Work Piece Rcommendation

  • Class P:

In cemented carbide, the cutting range of p-type products refers to carbon steel, cast steel, including 0.25-0.25% C quenching and quenching and tempering, easy cutting steel including annealing and quenching and tempering, low-carbon alloy steel containing less than 5% gold, high-carbon alloy steel, cast iron, and tool steel, including annealing and quenching and tempering series.

  • Class M:

In M type, the range is small, stainless steel has ferrite/martensite, cast steel contains martensite and austenite.

  • Class K:

The hardness of cemented carbides can be divided into ferrite, pearlite gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, pearlitic ferrite malleable cast iron.

  • Class N:

Class n refers to uncured aluminum, refined alloy, casting alloy, copper alloy including easy cutting steel, brass, electrolytic copper.

  • Class S:

Class s refers to iron base superalloy, super alloy material contains nickel base and cobalt base, titanium base and titanium alloy.

  • Class H:

Class H refers to the cutting hardness range of blade in hardened steel, Cast Chilled Cast Iron, hardened cast iron, etc.

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Cutting Parameters Peferences

  • Vc: the cutting speed for the cnc inserts. Commonly used unit is m/min
  • ap: the cutting diameter at cutting depth. Commonly used unit is mm or inch
  • fn: feed per revolution. Commonly used unit is mm/rev

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