Innovative Tools Help the Development of the Automotive Industry

Tool Industry Under COVID-19

This year, Jinnuo pioneered the new two-line fusion exhibition mode in which the online cloud exhibition promotes the offline machine tool exhibition. Walter made a successful appearance at the first Jinnuo Cloud Exhibition and participated in the 23rd Jinan International Machine Tool Exhibition on June 11-14 with Shandong Channel Partners.

Walter Automotive Industry Manager Yan Jie gave a keynote speech “Walter Innovative Tools Help Automobile “Intelligent Manufacturing” on the “New Technologies, New Processes, New Highlights of Automobile Manufacturing-Auto Parts” section of Jinnuo Yuuzhan.

At the meeting, Yan Jie introduced Walter’s 100-year history and brought the latest products-Walter TC470 carbide extrusion taps and M5130 square shoulder milling cutters, as well as complete technical solutions for the transportation industry. We hope that through live broadcast, an emerging form of communication, we can help more interested companies obtain Walter’s cutting-edge product technology without leaving home.

This event strengthened Walter’s market leader status, expanded Walter’s brand influence, and laid a good foundation for further development of the Chinese market. The market is always brewing huge opportunities in the crisis. Walter will continue to innovate and strive to develop the most suitable and competitive tool solutions for customers in various industries to meet the needs of customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency and new challenges in the market.

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