Maintenance method of carbide wire drawing dies

Cemented carbide wire drawing die is a kind of die with a high utilization rate, which has many uses in various fields. In order to extend the service life of cemented carbide drawing die as much as possible, we need to master the correct methods in the process of use and maintenance. Today, I would like to share the maintenance methods of cemented carbide drawing die with you.

The following points should be paid attention to during the use of cemented carbide die:

1. Ensure the smooth operation of wire drawing equipment: all wire drawing drums and guide wheels shall be smooth and flexible, and the run out tolerance shall be strictly controlled. If the drum, guide wheel wear groove, should be timely maintenance.

2. Good lubrication condition is an important condition to ensure the surface quality of wire rod and prolong the service life of die. It is necessary to check the lubrication index frequently and remove the copper powder and impurities in the lubricating oil so as not to pollute the equipment hole. If the lubrication fails, it must be replaced in time and the lubrication system must be cleaned.

3. Reasonable die matching is the key factor to ensure the surface quality of wire rod, control the accurate and consistent size, reduce the wear of wire drawing drum and reduce the operation load of equipment. For sliding wire drawing machine, it is the first step to be familiar with the mechanical elongation of the equipment and choose the sliding coefficient reasonably.

4. According to the material of the drawn wire and the surface reduction rate of each wire drawing, it is also closely related to the compression angle of the corresponding die, and the compression angle should be appropriately adjusted according to the surface reduction rate.

Due to the vibration of wire rod, some slight annular wear occurs in the first contact area of wire rod in the compression area of wire drawing die, and then expands to the sizing area, resulting in serious decline of wire rod surface quality and expansion of wire rod size. Moreover, severe wear will cause transverse cracks or longitudinal cracks in the die, resulting in premature scrapping of the die.

Therefore, the effective maintenance and repair of cemented carbide drawing die are very important to reduce the cost. If you have better suggestions on maintaining carbide wire drawing die, kindly please leave a message below. Thanks for your reading!

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