Matters needing attention in purchasing tungsten carbide strip


There are different grades of tungsten carbide strips according to their different properties and uses. The physical and mechanical properties of different grades of tungsten carbide strips are not consistent. When purchasing, they should be carefully selected according to the use conditions, use environment, use purpose, and requirements. So how to choose? UKO has a history of more than ten years in the production and sales of tungsten carbide products. So, here let me answer for you to buy tungsten carbide strip needs to pay attention to it.

1. When choosing tungsten carbide strip, it is very important to know the alloy brand, that is, the physical property parameters of tungsten carbide strip! UKO’s tungsten carbide grade list is available on the official website, which can be consulted if necessary.

2. When you choose and buy tungsten carbide strips or tungsten carbide plates, you should check their overall dimensions. The precise shape of tungsten carbide strips can reduce your deep processing time, so as to improve your production efficiency and reduce and reduce your processing costs.

3. Flatness is an important factor in testing the quality of tungsten carbide strips. When choosing tungsten carbide strips, we should pay attention to the flatness, symmetry and other geometric tolerances of the plane. The products with high accuracy of shape and position tolerance can produce higher quality products and the processing is much simpler.

4. When choosing and purchasing tungsten carbide strips, attention should be paid to check whether there are edge chipping, missing corner, fillet, rubber, bubbling, deformation, warping, overburning and other adverse phenomena. High quality tungsten carbide strip will not have the above undesirable phenomenon.

UKO provides customized services for customers. Whether you need tungsten carbide strip blank or finished products, we can meet your demands.

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