Solutions of Frequently Broken Copper Wires in the Wire Drawing


The production of copper single wire is a problem that all cable manufacturers are very concerned about, because the quality and efficiency of wire drawing directly affects the progress of the manufacturer’s subsequent processes, and plays an important role in the quality of the cable. However, wire drawing production is often uninterrupted, frequent wire breaking will seriously affect production efficiency. The following discusses the causes and solutions of frequent wire breaks in the wire drawing production of the wire drawing machine.

Reasons for frequent wire breakage

  • The drawing die is worn. In the continuous production of the drawing die, the sizing area of ​​the drawing die becomes larger due to normal wear and tear.
  • The quality of various rods. In the production process, the rod material irregularly appeared quality defects, which caused the monofilament to be broken by various unpredictable tensions during the drawing deformation. This situation rarely occurs when the rod is good.
  • The annealing current is not constant during production. Suddenly the current is too high, and the monofilament is pulled off during the annealing process or melted by a sudden strong current.

Solutions for frequent wire breakage

  • In the selection of drawing die, you can choose PCD wire drawing die. Because in the drawing of copper wire, the service life and drawing effect of PCD wire drawing die are much higher than that of tungsten carbide wire drawing die. Not only that, but experience shows that PCD dies have better performance in Copper wire, Aluminum wire, Tungsten wire, Molybdenum wire, Stainless steel wire, Coated steel wire, Special alloy and high-performance alloy wire, Precious metal wire, Various other ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire types.
  • Before production, make full self-inspection of the copper rods to be produced, find the quality defects of the copper rods in time, find corresponding countermeasures in time according to different situations, or reduce the drawing speed, or remove the defects in this section.
  • Continuously observe whether the annealing current of the wire drawing is normal during production, especially when it is just started, pay special attention to the change of the annealing current, and adjust the size of the annealing current according to the change of the line speed so that the annealing current slowly follows With the increase of line speed, it becomes larger to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

I believe that as long as the above points are controlled in actual production, the quality and production efficiency of copper wire drawing products will be improved to varying degrees so that a strong production guarantee can be provided for the next process production better and faster. Zhuzhou UKO has 20 years of production experience in carbide wire tools. Our team can not only ensure the quality of products but also have a professional after-sales team to provide technical support for your use.

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