Cemented carbide milling cutter

Have you got the grinding skill and better selection of cemented carbide tool?

Cemented carbide milling cutters are mainly divided into: solid carbide milling cutters | cemented carbide straight shank groove milling cutters | cemented carbide saw blade milling cutters

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How to choose the saw teeth of woodworking saw blade?

How to choose and use carbide saw blades correctly

1) How to choose a saw blade correctly? 1. Basic data: ①The speed of the main shaft of the machine, ②The thickness and material of the workpiece to be processed, ③The…

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What are the common causes of the break for cemented carbide saw blades?

1. Replace and install the saw blade In many cases, when the carbide saw blade was replaced and installed, the staff did not check after installation, resulting in the incorrect installation…

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What are the common tooth shapes of carbide saw blades?

Tungsten carbide saw blade is the most commonly used cutting tool for wood products processing. The quality of the carbide saw blade is closely related to the quality of processed products. Correct…

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The production process of woodworking saw blade

There are commonly used carbon tool steel (T9, T10) and high-speed steel for woodworking saw blade body. Tungsten cobalt (Gy) and tungsten titanium (YT) are commonly used for carbide blade….

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