Solution for the Cutting Vibration in Milling

In CNC milling, vibration may occur due to the limitations of cutting tools, tool holders, machine, workpieces or fixtures, which will have certain adverse effects on machining accuracy, surface quality,…

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How to better understand woodworking CNC tools?

Easy cutting control of CNC tools or blade In the process of machine manufacturing, CNC tools are the main cutting tools. Under normal circumstances, various types of tools are used…

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How to make U drill realize efficient processing in CNC machining?

U drill is also called shallow hole drill. The difference between U drill and ordinary drill is that the U drill uses blades-peripheral blade and center blade. From this point…

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Cemented Carbide Drills.

Do You Know How to Use Cemented Carbide Drills?

Uses and features: 1. It is suitable for drilling of more complex materials and can choose a higher cutting speed. 2. The high-performance alloy blades specially selected for alloy drill…

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Can You Tell the Difference Between Transverse and Longitudinal Turning?

CNC lathe is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools. It is mainly used to process symmetrical rotating parts, such as shaft parts, inner and outer cylindrical surfaces…

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Market Overview of China’s Cemented Carbide Tool Industry in 2020

“China Cemented Carbide Tool Industry Survey and Investment Strategy Report (2020 Edition)” shows that the performance of the tool largely determines the machining quality and production efficiency. Manufacturing powerhouses such…

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