UKO New Series Carbide End Mills Assure High Quality Demand!

As customers’ demand for medium and high-level quality cutting tools gradually increases, our company has introduced a series of standard end mills. The newly launched end mills have exported to end…

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Key Points of End Mill Processing

There are many key points in milling cutter processing, what are the points worthy of our attention, let’s look together! Machine rigidity Using high-rigidity equipment for processing as much as possible. When the…

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What is the cutting parameter for carbide end mill

What’s the Cutting Parameter for Carbide End Mills?

Milling refers to the use of rotating multi – edge tool cutting workpiece, it is a highly efficient processing method. Suitable for machining plane, groove and all kinds of spline,…

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What is the advantage for coated tools

What is the advantage of coating for cutting tools?

For the coating of milling tools, its mainly advantages are below. ① Good mechanical and cutting performance: The coated metal cutting tools combines the excellent performance of the base material and the…

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Why should CNC cutting tools be passivated

Why should CNC end mill tools be passivated?

Do you know what is Passivation? It refers to the metal is oxidized by a strong oxidant or electrochemical method to make the surface become inactive or to transform the…

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