What is the difference between a 2 flute and 4 flute end mill?

Many people wonder whether it is better to use 2 flute milling cutter or 4 flute milling cutter when milling steel parts? What’s the difference between these two kinds of end mills? Now let’s…

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What is the difference between face milling and end milling?

It is often asked what is the difference between face milling and end milling. As a metal cutting tool supplier, UKO answer for you. The target surfaces of end milling…

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How to choose the coating of CNC milling insert?

When customers purchase CNC milling insert, they will be asked what material they need to process. A lot of these customers use inserts to process steel. However, because there are…

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Milling Tools for Aluminum.

How to Select the Correct Milling Tools for Aluminum Alloy?

With the improvement of living standards, people increasingly like things with metal texture, which also makes aluminum products more and more used in many industries. The aluminum processing industry is…

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Can end mill be used as drill?

End mills are used in many machining processes, which greatly improves the efficiency of workpiece processing. Many people wonder whether the end mill can be used as a drill because it…

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