Market Overview of China's Cemented Carbide Tool Industry in 2020

How To Choose Metal Cutting Tools?

Metal cutting tools can be divided into turning tools (external circle, inner hole, thread, cutting tools, etc.) according to the cutting process; drilling tools (including drills, reamers, taps, etc.); boring…

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New grade for turning inserts

CNC Turning Insert New Product: RD9218 New Grade for Steel Proccessing

For a long time, people have been pursuing CNC insert with better wear resistance and longer tool life. Most of foreign well-known CNC tools brands can meet this demand. Of…

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How To Plan CNC Machining Process

How To Plan CNC Machining Process?

Process planning is an important part of computer numerical control (CNC) machining, which directly affects the efficiency of cutting operations. However, planing tasks depend to a large extent on the user’s…

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What is the advantage for coated tools

What is the advantage of coating for cutting tools?

For the coating of milling tools, its mainly advantages are below. ① Good mechanical and cutting performance: The coated metal cutting tools combines the excellent performance of the base material and the…

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