Thousands of CNC Tools Choose the Best for You


The selection of CNC tools is one of the important contents in the CNC machining process. It not only affects the machining efficiency of the machine tool, but also directly affects the machining quality. Nowadays, there are many CNC brands, and there are countless types of CNC tools. But choosing the right tool for you is the best tool.

Compared with traditional machining methods, CNC machining has higher requirements for cutting tools. Not only high precision, good rigidity and high durability are required, but also stable size and easy installation and adjustment. This requires the use of new high-quality materials to manufacture CNC machining tools, and optimize tool parameters.

When selecting a CNC tool, the size of the tool should be adapted to the surface size and shape of the workpiece to be processed. In production, end mills are often used to process the contours of planar parts. When milling a flat surface, you should choose carbide milling inserts; when machining cams and grooves, choose a high-speed steel end mill; when machining a rough surface or rough machining holes, you can choose a carbide milling cutter.

For the processing of some three-dimensional profiles and contours with varying bevel angles, ball-end milling cutters, ring milling cutters, drum cutters, cone cutters and disc cutters are often used.

Surface machining often uses ball nose end mills. However, when machining flat parts of the curved surface, the cutter is cut with the tip of the ball head, and the cutting conditions are poor, so a ring cutter should be used. In single-piece or small-batch production, in order to replace multi-coordinate linkage machine tools, drum-shaped cutters or tapered cutters are often used to machine some variable-angled parts on aircraft

The insert-inserted disk milling cutter is suitable for processing some spherical surfaces on a five-axis coordinated CNC machine tool. Its efficiency is nearly ten times higher than that of a ball-end milling cutter, and good machining accuracy can be obtained.

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