Two Measures to Improve the Stability When Woodworking Milling


The stability of woodworking milling cutter affects the machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece, so in the process of wood milling, we should try our best to improve the stability of milling cutter. Because during the milling process, under the action of external forces will produce vibration and deformation, and then affect its operation stability. Make your woodworking tools lathe last longer as well. Therefore, the following measures can be taken to improve the operation stability of the milling cutter.

(1) Let the rotation frequency of woodworking milling cutter avoid its natural frequency, so as to avoid the resonance of milling cutter during milling, reduce the unbalanced weight of milling cutter, make it have good dynamic balance, and then improve its operation stability.

(2) Control the extension length, diameter and structure of woodworking milling cutter to meet the requirements of stability standard, especially for cantilever cutter shaft, the length and diameter of milling cutter must be well controlled. Generally, under the condition of meeting the requirements of rigidity and machining, shorter milling cutter length and smaller milling cutter diameter should be selected as far as possible to reduce the weight of milling cutter and improve the operation stability of milling cutter.

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