UKO New Product HRC 68 End Mill for Hardened Steel


End mills are the most widely used milling cutters on CNC machine tools. There are cutting tools on the cylindrical surface and end face of the end mills, they can be cut at the same time or separately. Mainly used for face milling, groove milling, stepped face milling, and copy milling.

During the development of end mills from high-speed steel to tungsten carbide, common steel processing has become easier than before, and the processing cost has also been significantly reduced.

At the same time, working with hardened materials used to be a real challenge compared with steel and stainless steel. But ever since the operator started using the UKO HRC68 End Mill, productivity has skyrocketed. It’s incredible how smoothly it cuts through hardened steel and delivers consistent, precise results.

Equipped with a specialized coating and optimized design, it maximizes cutting efficiency, minimizes heat buildup, and extends tool life. Let’s introduce below the reasons why HRC68 end mills are so brilliant.

The Advantages of HRC68 End Mill

1. High-rigidity design prolongs tool life and high-speed machining

  • Lattice heterogeneous coating with special elements added, high coating hardness, and excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, more suitable for high hardness materials and high-speed processing fields.
  • Excellent coating treatment technology, more closely combined with the substrate.

2. Shocking upgrade of new technology

  • Unique tool structure and reasonable groove design achieve excellent cutting performance.
  • Bronze coating for better wear recognition.
  • Special surface post-treatment can effectively reduce friction, smoother chip removal, and better surface quality.

3. Perfect high-temperature oxidation resistance

After being oxidized at a temperature of 1100°C, the H series milling cutter coating only presents a very thin oxide layer, while the coating of similar products of Company A has been completely oxidized.

Let’s witness the power and precision of the UKO HRC68 End Mill as it slices through hardened steel like a hot knife through butter.

Application of HRC 68 End Mills

Our HRC68 end mills include flat,  ball nose, and corner radius end mills. The development is very mature and standing stock.

  •  Flat end mills: most suitable for side milling and shallow groove processing, with a wide range of applications.
  •  Ball nose end mills: suitable for profiling milling, high-speed processing, wide range of applications
  • Corner radius end mills: suitable for profiling, can be used for high-speed machining, and has a wide range of applications

The following is a sheet that includes the processing data for different applications for your reference.

UKO Launched a New Product HRC 68 End Mills

Hope this blog can help you a little if you have a project of hardened steel that needs to be carried out. Should you have any interest in HRC68 end mills, please leave me your message on our website, your message will be replied to in the next 24 hours.

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