UKO New Series Carbide End Mills Assure High Quality Demand!


As customers’ demand for medium and high-level quality cutting tools gradually increases, our company has introduced a series of standard end mills. The newly launched end mills have exported to end users in some European and American regions as early as two years ago, such as Russia, Germany, Italy, Canada, Mexico. They are mainly supply CNC tools to domestic 3C industry of leading users such as Foxconn, Apple, Opple and other well-known brands.

Below are some photos and videos of our factory. This factory has gained sustainable development in the market due to the introduction of advanced equipment, and scientific management.

1. Solution standardization

Aiming at the working conditions of cutting tool within a certain range, by simplifying and eliminating redundant low-function varieties, the composition of the product series is made more concise and reasonable, thereby improving the overall function of the series to meet the general needs of a unified design plan in standardized form

2. Generalization of products

Generalization is a form of expanding the scope of use of the same tool as much as possible. The purpose of generalization is to minimize duplication of labor in the design and manufacturing process, so as to shorten the production cycle and reduce production costs.

3. Product performance requirements

Due to the generalization requirements of standard milling cutters, the same cutter must be applicable to as many different working conditions as possible, so higher requirements are placed on cutter performance.

4. Product production method

Standard milling cutters generally adopt the mode of stock production, and are not customized for any specific customer. The production plan is determined according to the market demand and with reference to its own stock.

The new series end mills catagories and their application scopes are as follows.

1. H series end mill carbide for efficient processing of hardened steel and pre-hardened steel below HRC68. High coating hardness and excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance are more suitable for high-hardness materials and high-speed processing fields.

2. G series carbide end mills. High-efficiency machining from ordinary steel to pre-hardened steel (below HRC45), enabling finishing from high metal removal to high-precision, high surface quality finishing.

3. Uncoated end mills carbide for general processing of aluminum and copper. The special cutting edge design effectively prevents vibration and solves the problem of chips sticking to the cutting edge, water cooling is the best cooling method.

4. SUS series milling cutters for processing stainless steel.

The special cutting edge design effectively solves the problem of chips sticking to the cutting edge of the tool, water cooling and oil cooling are the best cooling methods.

5. P series mold end mill cutter for efficient processing of various materials such as non-ferrous alloys below HRC55, steel, pre-hardened steel, quenched and tempered steel, and stainless steel. It is able to achieve finishing from high metal removal to high precision and high surface quality finishing.

UKO will always been adhering to the tenet of “firm progress, mutual growth”. Customer-centric and becoming the most trusted partner of target customers, we constantly launch high-efficiency and stable-quality CNC tools.

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