What do the signs on the steel bars mean?


Steel bars we purchase are usually printed with a string of characters, such as 3 / LWG / 2. What do these characters mean?

  1. The first number of rolling is used to indicate the strength grade of the bar. 3 is the grade of HRB335; 4 is the grade of HRB400; 5 is the grade of HRB500.
  • Letters. There is no letter – ordinary hot-rolled steel bar; K is waste heat treatment steel bar; C is fine grain hot-rolled steel bar; E is seismic steel bar; W is weldable steel bar.
  • Intermediate group symbol for rolling. The symbol between the first letter and number and the last group of numbers generally indicates the code of reinforcement manufacturer. Such as Tang Steel (2t), Han steel (HGHD), Angang (AZ), Shougang (s))
  • The last group of numbers is the nominal diameter of reinforcement, in mm. The diameter of reinforcement is generally 6-50 mm. For example, 4ese25 means that the steel bar is HRB400 grade and the diameter is 25mm seismic steel bar produced by Shuicheng Steel works.

The commonly used types of steel bars in construction engineering include hot-rolled plain round steel bars, hot-rolled ribbed bars, hot-rolled low-carbon steel hot-rolled round bars, heat-treated steel bars, etc. in construction projects, steel bars are used as reinforced concrete structures and partially prestressed concrete structures under light load.

The appearance is mainly divided into ribbed steel bar and plain round steel bar. The recommended nominal diameters of reinforcement are 6, 6.5, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 32, 40 and 50 mm.

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