What Is a Woodworking Reversible Blade?


The blades loaded on the cutter head of the wood planer or planing machine for wood planing are now basically made of cemented carbide materials, so the cemented carbide reversible blades have higher working efficiency and better wood surface processing quality , Because the blade can be replaced and reversibly operated, it is more convenient and generally recognized by users in the industry.

When do reversible blades need to be replaced?

The square cemented carbide has four cutting edges. If one of them becomes blunt and not sharp, just loosen the fixing screw, replace it with another sharp blade, and then tighten the screw. If all four blades are worn out, replace it. New blade.

What are the characteristics of cemented carbide reversible blades?

After the spiral cutter head is installed with the carbide reversible blade on the four-sided planer, the work efficiency can be many times that of the original traditional cutter, and its main characteristics are safety, environmental protection, energy saving, low cutting resistance, long processing time and durability. , The traditional blade has to be sharpened once or several times a day. Abandon the spiral knife to extend the sharpening interval. The work efficiency is high and the service cycle can reach the characteristics of replacing the blade more than half a year. It has developed rapidly in the woodworking field.


In the future, it can definitely surpass the existing welding tool usage. With the rapid increase in tool output, the manufacturing cost of spiral tools is greatly reduced, and the price is closer to the price level of traditional tools. More and more users will accept the discarded blade spiral knife. The development will achieve even greater improvement.

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