What is the difference between the coating of end mill?


The carbide end mill is also known as a cemented carbide end mill. The hardness of the tool itself is generally between HRA88-96 degrees. But with a coating on the surface, the difference comes. The cheapest way to improve the performance of an end mill is to add the right coating. It can extend tool life and performance.

What are the basic coatings of end mill on the market?

CoatingsMaterialColorFeaturesWorkpiece Material
TiNTitanium NitrideYellowishExcellent wear resistance, thermal stability, and low coefficient of frictionSteel, stainless steel, cast iron, general use
TiCNTitanium Carbo NitrideBluish-greyGood adhesion, toughness, and resistance to chippingStainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, high-silicon alloys, other abrasive materials
AlTiNAluminum Titanium NitrideDark purpleGood heat resistance, high hardness at high temperaturesTitanium, tool steel, alloy steel, mold steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, cast iron, other high-temperature materials
TiAlNTitanium Aluminum NitrideViolet bronzeLow electrical and thermal conductivity, high hardnessHigh strength steels, hard die steels, and high-temperature alloys, including nickel base & titanium
Difference between the basic coatings of end mills

In the field of cemented carbide tools, we generally use the hardness of the processed materials to call them: such as HRC45 end mills, HRC50 degree end mills, HRC60 end mills, HRC65 end mills, and HRC70 end mills.

The degree after the number refers to the hardness of the material to be processed. The unit is HRC Rockwell hardness, which also refers to the hardness that can be processed.

For example, HRC55 milling cutter can process HRC55 degree steel, such as S136 die steel.

UKO cemented carbide end mill is divided into HRC45 end mill, HRC55  end mill, HRC65  end mill, and aluminum-copper milling cutter (generally speaking, hardness is not emphasized).

HRC45 end millcan process ~ HRC45
Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Cast iron
HRC55 end millcan process ~ HRC55
Titanium alloy, High-temperature alloy, Hardened steel
HRC65 end millcan process ~ HRC65
Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Cast iron, Hardened steel

Now in the market of cemented carbide end mills, the quality of products varies. Some sales will cater to the buyers for the hardness range, and some will make false reports. This requires the buyer to purchase carbide tools more trial, careful selection, and identify excellent quality end mill suppliers.

New coatings of end mill——DLC coating

Before 2020, UKO usually provides uncoated end mills for copper and aluminum. But in 2020, we developed and launched a new copper aluminum end mill. Adopt the latest DLC color coating to improve the wear resistance of the end mill, and the service life is increased by 2-3 times.

DLC Coating End Mills for Copper Aluminum
DLC Coating End Mills for Copper Aluminum

In addition, we have launched the U-shaped chip breaker. A special U-shaped chip breaker design can reduce vibration when milling, and makes chip removal more smooth, thereby improving the processing efficiency.

In addition to cemented carbide end mills, we also provide high-quality cemented carbide rods, whether it is blank or fine grinding, whether with holes or solid, we can perfectly meet your requirements.

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