What Is Wire Drawing Powder?

drawing powder applied in steel wire production

The wire drawing powder used in the industry is called dry wire drawing lubricant, also called wire drawing lubricant powder; it is the process lubricating material when metal wire is drawn, and it mainly plays a role of lubrication and protection. The amount of wire drawing powder is not large, and it is a relatively small non-metallic mineral processing industrial product.

What are the raw materials for the production of wire drawing powder?

The main components of wire drawing powder are slaked lime, animal oil, paraffin, soap, stearic acid, talcum powder and industrial alkali, etc. It is generally divided into sodium soap and calcium soap. Sodium soap is made by the saponification reaction of fatty acid (oil) and alkali. Calcium soap is made by the saponification reaction of fatty acid (oil) and white ash. Depending on the drawing process, the oil content of the selected drawing powder is also different. Generally, the higher the oil content, the more expensive the price.

What are the properties of drawing powder?

  • It can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the steel wire and enter the drawing die with the steel wire, effectively separating the two interfaces of the deformation zone;
  • High pressure and high temperature resistance, can maintain its continuity and lubricity without being damaged, coking, agglomeration and deterioration, with good physical and chemical stability;
  • It has good extensibility and lubricity, not only can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the steel wire, but also can be extended and deformed with the steel wire;
  • It does not pollute the environment, is harmless to the human body, and is rich in resources, low in cost, and easy to store.
  • A layer of lubricating film is formed between the drawn metal wire and the wall of the drawing die to reduce the interface friction and reduce the energy consumption;
  • Prevent bonding due to heat to reduce energy consumption and temperature rise, extend the service life of the drawing die, ensure the surface quality of the product, and make the deformation uniform;
  • Make the drawn steel wire have some characteristics, such as the thickness of the residual lubricating film, whether it is easy to clean, whether it is rust-proof, bonding ability, plating treatment, welding performance, etc.;

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