What kind of CNC insert is the best?


There are many choices in the material of the CNC insert. UKO is the most professional supplier of carbide metal cutting tools. We usually recommend suitable materials according to the processing materials and machine parameters of customers.

The common cutting tool materials are high-speed steel, cemented carbide, cubic boron nitride (CBN), ceramics, and so on. The depth of heavy cutting is generally 30-50 mm, the allowance is uneven, and there is a hardening layer on the surface of the workpiece. The tool wear in the rough machining stage is mainly in the form of abrasive wear: the cutting speed is generally 15-20m / min. although the speed value is in the area of chip accretion, the high temperature of cutting can make the contact point between the chip and the rake face in a liquid state, which reduces the friction force and inhibits the formation of chip accretion.

The selection of cutting tool material should be abrasion resistant and impact resistant. Ceramic cutting tools have high hardness, but low bending strength and poor impact toughness, so they are not suitable for heavy turning with an uneven allowance. CBN has the same problem. However, cemented carbide has a low friction coefficient, which can reduce cutting force and cutting temperature, and greatly improve tool life. It is suitable for high hardness materials and heavy-duty turning rough machining.

Tungsten carbide is divided into tungsten cobalt (YG), tungsten cobalt titanium (YT), and tungsten carbide (YW). When machining steel, YG cemented carbide has good strength and toughness, but poor high-temperature hardness and high-temperature toughness. In heavy turning, the workpiece has large plastic deformation, severe friction, and high cutting temperature, so YG cemented carbide is rarely used in heavy turning. YT cemented carbide has high hardness and wear resistance, high heat resistance, adhesion and diffusion resistance, and oxidation resistance. It is a common tool material for heavy turning and is suitable for machining steel. However, in low-speed turning, the unstable cutting process will cause the poor toughness of YT type cemented carbide, resulting in edge chipping. Especially when machining some high-strength alloy materials, the durability of YT type cemented carbide decreases rapidly, which can not meet the requirements of use. In this case, YW type tools or fine grain, ultra-fine grain alloy tools (such as 643, etc.) should be selected. The wear resistance of the fine-grain alloy is good, and it is more suitable for processing chilled cast iron products. The efficiency of the alloy can be increased by more than one time than that of the YW tool.

It is one of the key factors to improve productivity and shorten the production cycle period to improve the turning speed of heavy-duty machining with carbide tools. The cutting depth of each time is very small, and the cutting speed will be greatly improved by using the cutting performance of cemented carbide tools.

There is not only one answer to the choice of CNC insert material. Only according to the processing of the workpiece, CNC machine parameters, to choose, to get the optimal solution.

Carbide CNC insert is our main product, popular models are usually available in stock. Many customers are still in stock at the time of the inquiry, but there is no inventory when placing an order because the shipment volume of popular models is relatively large. But don’t worry, UKO will replenish its inventory regularly. Hot models, we will produce them regularly. So no matter how many inserts customers need, as long as they are popular models, we can guarantee a certain delivery time.

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