What should we pay attention to when using the spiral cutter head?


Spiral cutter head is our popular product. In addition to the common light spiral cutter head and heavy spiral cutter head, we also have the high feed spiral cutter head is special for large processing requirements of planning and finish planning each time


We can choose the right cutter head according to the requirement of cutting depth.

TypesDepth of Planing (mm)
Light Cutting Spiral Cutter Head1~5
Heavy Duty Spiral Cutter Head1~8
High Feed Spiral Cutter Head1~13

What should we pay attention to when using the cutter head?

  • Our woodworking knife has four sharp edges. You can change the direction of the knife by lifting the hexagon wrench and loosening the screw. However, if the knife is processed on oily Wood, the knife edge needs to be scraped off with an art knife to ensure the accuracy of the tool.
  • When locking the knife, pay attention to whether the fixed angle at the bottom of the knife and the angle of the knife are fully closed, and then use the index finger to gently press the knife to fix and lock the bolt.
  • When removing the knife block and screw, the wrench and the worktable must be removed in a 90 degree vertical manner to avoid damage to the knife body and knife pressing plate caused by improper force. When installing the counterweight chip spiral cutter head, the bolt end face must be lower than the pressure block to be correctly assembled, and if the bolt end face is higher than the pressing block, it is an incorrect assembly.
  • The clamping method of the knife must conform to the operation specification, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the knife body and even endanger the safety of the user.
  • When replacing a new knife, please check the accuracy of the knife if there are traces on the machined object.

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